Welcome to the Polymathic testbed.

Polymathic is a Future Investment project funded by the French Ministère du Redressement Productif. It aims at creating a Data Market Place for Digital Assets produced by Video games studios. The present site is a testbed environment showing on-going research activities around Polymathic and demonstrating some prototype features.


Who we are


This site lets you experiment the following Polymathic functionalities.

Browse collections of assets
Assets are organized as hierarchies of groups based on pre-defined catogories. Each category contains a proper set of assets, plus of union of assets contained by its subcategories.
Insert individual or groups of assets
As a registered and logged-in user, you can store in Polymathic new assets and make them available to the community.
A major outcome of the Polymathic project will be a sophisticated search engine which will let you search assets by meta-data (e.g., full text search) and and search by content thanks to similarity functions adpated to the specifics of video-game assets.
Please register as a Polymathic user in order to access this site with full-features functionalities.